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AddaButton Product Information

Current Version: 4.1
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Add buttons to Internet Explorer's toolbar. Access all your favorite programs right from your browser! (Works great with I.E. 7!)

Use AddaButton to add "launch" buttons directly to Internet Explorer's own toolbar. Enjoy convenient access to any program or document directly from I.E.'s toolbar while browsing the web via custom buttons that you design.

Features at a Glance
  • Conveniently access programs from I.E.'s toolbar
  • Add up to twenty buttons to launch any program or document (full version).
  • Also adds corresponding "Tools" menu command for each button added.
  • Buttons are fully configurable. You specify what program to launch when the button is clicked, the icon shown on the button, button text, etc.
  • Drag and drop files onto the program to easily automatically define button properties.
  • Use any icon on buttons, even the default program icon for the file you want the button to launch.
  • Completely safe to use. Does not alter I.E.'s program file or any of its important settings.
  • Delete buttons or edit their properties at any time after you add them.
  • Built-in interactive tutorial walks you step-by-step through using the program.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Click here for a screenshot of the program.

    If you use Internet Explorer regularly, AddaButton can be used to add handy custom "launch" buttons to I.E.s own toolbar. They can be used to launch your favorite chat program, ftp program, multimedia player, or anything; even URLs. Also, for each button added to I.E.'s toolbar, a corresponding menu item is placed under its "Tools" menu which performs the same action as clicking the button.

    AddaButton offers a wide range of control over properties of added buttons, including options to specify which program, document, or url to launch when the button is pressed, command-line parameters, which icon to display on the button, caption for the button, text for its corresponding menu item, and even the text displayed in I.E.'s status bar when the mouse cursor is over the menu item.

    You can also configure whether each added button is displayed on the toolbar in just the current Windows user profile or in all user profiles set up on your system.

    You can specify all these options individually or have it done automatically in one step simply by dragging a shortcut or any file onto the program's special "Drop Target". All needed information related to that file is then automatically entered into its appropriate spaces. All you have to do then is click the "Add Button" button to add the new button to I.E.'s toolbar.

    Completely safe to use, AddaButton doesn't alter I.E.'s program file or important settings in any way. Buttons can be deleted or edited at any time after they are added from within the program with just a few clicks.

    Complete and detailed help is included in case you need it along with an interactive tutorial that walks you step -by-step through the process of adding buttons using the program.

    Free Trial: Visit our download page and get your free trial now.

    Note: Requires MS Internet Explorer version 5.0 or later.

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