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Collector's Companion Product Information

Current version:
System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
.Net 4.6.2

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Get the jump on those hard-to-get pop-culture collectible items as soon as they're released before they sell out. Perfect for collectors of Funko Pop!, Dorbz, Rock Candy, Disney, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, DragonballZ, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Pop!Pez, VYNL, Mystery Minis, Wacky Wobbler, Hikari, and more.

Important: Please install the trial version of the program before purchasing to make sure it is compatible with your system. Refunds will not be given for incompatibility issues if you haven't tried the trial.

Note: Collector's Companion is NOT intended to be used by scalpers or flippers to abuse the collectible market. It is intended to level the playing field against them so that collectors have a fighting chance to acquire those quick sell-outs as easily as them. It does NOT automatically make purchases but just let's you know when the items are "live".

Sometimes, very highly anticipated, limited quantity, pop culture collectible items are released early, and without much fanfare. Scalpers and flippers (people who purchase large quantities just to resell them) swoop in and buy up all the inventory very quickly. This makes it very difficult for the average consumer to get their hands on those items before they sell out.

This is where Collector's Companion steps in and vastly improves your chances of being able to purchase those elusive items before the competition by automatically refreshing the pages where the items will be for sale every few seconds until it detects some custom text that you specify that indicates the items have become available for sale.

Just get a placeholder link (link where the item will be available for purchase), a release date, and the approximate time that the item will go live (become available for sale) from a reliable source of pop-culture collectible news like Funkofinderz and set Collector's Companion into action prior to this time and let it alert you via visual and audible alarms when your prized grail is available. Then you can stake your claim to your prized grail right there from within the program!

Click here for a video demo of Collector's Companion.


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