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E-Postcard Address Book
Current Version: 1.5
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Do you operate an electronic greeting or postcard site or feature the ability to send e-greetings or postcards from your site?

Enhance your site and keep your users coming back by giving them the unique and exciting opportunity to have their very own secure personal address book accessible with the click of a button from every one of your postcard composition pages.

Don't pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a postcard script just to get this wonderful feature. Get the ORIGINAL E-Postcard Address Book for only $19.95. Works with just about any postcard script, even remotely hosted!

Features at a Glance
  • Integrates seamlessly with almost any postcard script. Even remotely hosted!
  • Keeps users coming back to your site.
  • Users can safely and securely store and manage any number of contacts in addition to their own personal info.
  • Automatically inserts selected contact info (even mutiple contacts) and user's own info into your postcard composition forms with one click.
  • Flexible. Can be configured to work with almost any type of postcard composition form.
  • Detailed help screen available to users at the click of a button.
  • Optionally remembers user's login info.
  • Can automatically email users forgotten passwords by request.
  • Uses attractive graphical interface available in several free color schemes.
  • Custom color schemes can be created to exactly match your site's colors.
  • Very easy to configure and install.
  • Friendly, personal email support for configuration and installation.
  • Very Affordable. Can even pay for itself!

  • Convenient and versatile.

    With the E-Postcard Address Book CGI script installed on your server, a small snippet of code placed on your postcard compostion pages allows users to click a button and open a small window where they can create or login to their own personal address book. There they can store any number of names and email addresses of personal contacts in addition to their own name and email address. The user simply selects one or more contacts from his or her address book, and clicks a button to automatically insert all needed info directly into your postcard composition form (including their own name and email address).

    Users can delete contacts or edit information for any contact as well as edit their own personal information including the password used to access their address book. Also featured is the ability to automatically send users their password via email should they forget it and request to have it sent. Users may also opt to have their login info remembered so that they don't have to type it in every time they access their address book.

    Attractive user interface.

    The script includes attractive graphic style buttons and its own background image. Several additional ready-made image packages containing different color schemes are available from our download page if you do not wish to use the images that ship with the script. We will also create a custom image pack made in the exact colors of your site for a small extra fee of only $14.95 (see our purchase page.)

    A snap to install.

    E-Postcard Address Book integrates seamlessly with any postcard script (even remotely hosted ones) and is very easy to install and configure. Full email support is available at any time should you need help with installation or configuration. If you have doubts as to whether or not the script will work with your site, email us, we'll be happy to check out your site and discuss it with you. We'll even customize the script to make it work if need be.

    See for yourself.

    Clicking the "Demo" link above will take you a page containing a portion of postcard composition form as found on just about any postcard or e-greeting site. From there you will be able to preview the E-Postcard Address Book script in action.

    Affordable. Can even pay for itself!

    The script is available for purchase from our purchase page for only $19.95. This includes full installation instructions and all of the images required by the script, as well as unlimited email support at any time you need it delivered promptly and courteously. We'll walk you every step of the way through the installation process.

    The script can even pay for itself if you join our affiliate program. You can then plug the four digit affiliate code you receive into the script and have the copyright links on pages generated by the script automatically become your affiliate links. You can also promote our products on other pages of your site to and earn generous commissions on all sales to help pay for the script. Click here for details.

    System Requirements
  • Ability to run CGI scripts on your server.
  • The script must be located on the same server as the postcard composition pages from which it is called.
  • At least these four fields must be present in the postcard compostion form from which the script is called: the sender's name, the sender's email address, recipient's name, and recipient's email address. These should be present in some type in any e-postcard script.

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