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GiftWiz Product Information
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Current Version: 1.7
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Now drawing names for exchanging holiday gifts in your family, office, classroom, or group of friends is easier and more fun than ever. Supercharge you Secret Santa program with GiftWiz today for free!

No more tediously cutting and folding tiny pieces of paper, writing names on them, and throwing them in a hat to be drawn to see who buys a gift for whom. GiftWiz automates and simplifies the entire process of the time-honored holiday tradition of drawing names to exchange gifts (Secret Santa) while keeping it fun and festive.

Using the program to manage your group gift exchange could not be more simple. Begin by entering the names of all the participants either individually or by importing them from a text file containing a list of names.

Screen Shot

Then, the fun begins. For each person to individually pick a name, select that person's name and click the "Pick" button. A window will open showing a graphic of a hat with another "Pick" button on it. Clicking that button will cause a random name from the "Recipient pool" to literally pop out of the hat and be shown. There is also a cool, optional "drum roll" sound effect as names are being picked from the hat. The giver's name will then be removed from the "Giver pool" and the name of the person that was picked as recipient will be removed from the "Recipient pool". Both names will then be added to the results under their respective columns.

Move your cursor over the "Pick" button.
(Actual program dialog will show an animation of the name coming out of the hat when the button is clicked.)

All names can be automatically picked at once, if desired, by clicking the "Auto Pick All" button, though it's more fun for each person to pick his or her name individually, especially for kids.

Once all names have been picked, the results can then be printed or saved so that noone forgets the name of the person for whom they should buy a gift.

Best of all, GiftWiz is absolutely free. Merry Christmas from Harmony Hollow.

Visit our download page and pick up your copy of GiftWiz today.

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