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E-Postcard Address Book
Current Version: 1.5

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The form below is an example of a portion of one type of postcard composition form. There are 3 recipients' name and email input fields but the script can work with any number of recipient fields of any type. For instance, if your forms include multi-line text areas for entering recipient names/emails on separate lines, single recipient input fields allowing multiple names/emails to be entered on the same line separated by commas, or just a single recipient name/email pair of input fields, the script can be configured to work with them. If your situation is different than those mentioned, contact us by email, we can probably customize the script to make it work for work for you at no extra charge.

Click one of the buttons below to preview the "E-Postcard Address Book" script using the image color scheme named on the button. Feel free to create an address book, add contacts, and sample all other features of the script.

(Note: the "HHS Green" color scheme ships with the script package when purchased, the others shown below are available free from our download page. Custom made color scheme image packs can be tailored to exactly match your site colors and can be ordered from our purchase page along with the script.)

Once you open one address book window, you must close it before you click another button in order to preview another color scheme.

Enter your name:
Enter your e-mail:

Enter recipient(s)' name(s):

Enter recipient(s)' e-mail(s):

Note: If you've purchased E-Postcard Address Book, do not look to the source of this page for how to implement the script. Instead, use the file "example.html" that ships with the script for this purpose. It is implemented differently here to demonstrate various color schemes.

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