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E-Postcard Address Book
Current Version: 1.5
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If you purchase E-Postcard Address Book and join our affiliate program, you can plug the four digit affiliate id code you receive when you join into the script to automatically turn the copyright links included on some pages generated by the script into revenue-earning affiliate links. You can even promote the script or any of our products on any part of your site to earn money through the program. Plugging your code into the script could not be simpler and full instructions are included in the documentation.

Our affiliate program, managed by our order processing company, Register Now, pays out 25% on every sale generated by affiliate links. That means that if your links generate only 4 sales of E-Postcard Address Book, your commision of $5.00 each would reimburse you for your copy.

The program is designed so that even if someone clicks your affiliate link once and then returns to our site at a later date to purchase, you still get credit for the sale.

Click here to be taken to our affiliate page for even more details about the program and to sign up today!

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