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ShellSearch Product Information
Current Version: 3.1
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Is your Windows desktop extremely cluttered? Is your Start Menu or Internet Favorites menu bursting at the seams? Are you having trouble finding a shortcut to a program you installed a long time ago because you moved it or forgot where you put it? Help is here!

Features at a Glance
  • Smarter and faster than the Windows Explorer file search feature.
  • Specify any combination of several common shell folders in which to search.
  • Add unlimited amount of your own frequently used alternate folders in which to search
  • Launch and manage files from within the program just like Explorer.
  • Drag and drop support.
  • Remembers last ten searched for text strings.
  • Remembers last ten recently launched files.
  • Searches can be narrowed by case sensitivity, file type.
  • Search recursively in sub-folders of specified shell folders.
  • Results can be sorted by any of several criteria.

  • What's New in This Version
  • Added option to display last 10 recently launched search results in search result window when program starts.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs reported by users.
  • Click here for a screenshot.

    Tired of scrolling up and down your start menu or getting sore eyes scanning your desktop for that elusive shortcut or internet Favorite you stashed somewhere months ago? ShellSearch can save hours of aggravation and lost productivity. Just select those "shell" folders on the main program interface in which you'd like the program to search (you can even specify an alternate folder of your choice to be searched along with the rest), type in a few letters, and click "Start".

    The program can search any combination of Windows shell locations at once including your Desktop, Start Menu Programs, Start Menu Documents, My Documents, Internet Favorites, Windows' "SendTo" folder, Temporary Internet Files, and Application Data (where those little "Quick Launch" shortcuts on your taskbar are located). You can also specify an alternate folder to be searched at the same time.

    Results are displayed in a list along with details about them and can be launched or manipulated with a few mouse clicks or by dragging them from the ShellSearch window and dropping onto any application. The results can also be sorted in either ascending or descending order by name, file type, date, location, or url (if results contain internet shortcuts).

    ShellSearch allows you to specify the type of files for which to be searched, whether or not you wish to make searches case sensitive, and whether you wish results to be shown with their file extensions or without. You can also specify whether or not you wish the program to search recursively in subfolders of the specified folders.

    Visit our download page and pick up your free trial of this handy utility today.

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